Two reasons to hire a construction skip bin for your building project

If you intend to carry out a construction project, it's important to have at least one skip bin on your building site. Read on to find out why.

It can prevent injuries

Much of the waste that is generated by a construction project is hazardous and as such, can potentially result in people working on a building site sustaining injuries, if it is not disposed of correctly.

For example, if any surplus pieces of structural timber are left lying the ground instead of being put into a skip bin, labourers on your site could potentially trip over them and fall. This could lead to them sustaining cuts, fractures or sprains.

Similarly, if old nails are strewn around the building site, someone could step on one of them. If they are wearing thin-soled footwear, the nail could pierce the sole of their shoe and cut their foot. If the nail in question is rusty, this could result in the individual developing a serious, life-threatening bacterial infection called tetanus.

Injuries of this kind can affect the speed with which a construction project progresses, as the injured individuals may need to take time off in order to recover. If they perform specialist work, they may be difficult to replace and as such, their absence could result in major delays.

The presence of a few construction skip bins can prevent these types of problems from arising, as they can provide workers with a safe place to dispose of hazardous building materials.

It can prevent traffic problems on site

If your construction team don't have anywhere to put the rubbish that their work generates, you may begin to experience issues with traffic management on your building site.

For instance, if there are several piles of rubble, leftover timber and old plaster lying on the ground, it might be difficult for your forklift and excavator operators to drive their vehicles past these obstructions.

In this situation, they would probably need to get out of their equipment and manually move the rubbish out of the way so that they can get to where they need to go. This will result in them taking longer to perform their work, which could affect the speed at which the building project progresses.

Placing several construction skip bins around your site and instructing your team to use these bins for all of the rubbish that they produce should help to eliminate this issue.

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