Keeping Those Pesky Possums Out of Your Skip Bin

How do you feel about possums? You might think they're cute when you see them scampering amongst the trees in your backyard. You probably find them infinitely less cute when they decide to have a noisy social gathering on your roof in the wee hours (especially if you have a metal roof). There can be instances where the possums might be a little more curious than usual during their nocturnal wanderings, and this is when you have rented a skip bin.

If you do have an active colony of possums on or near your property, you'll need to take a few extra protective measures when you opt for bin hire. You don't want the poor creatures to become trapped if they're tempted to explore contents of your bin, and even if they don't become trapped, they could easily make a mess. So what should you do if you need to rent a skip bin but also need to fend off the advances of your local possums?

Let There Be Light

Extra light is going to be a deterrent for a nocturnal animal, hopefully to the point that they'll steer well clear of your skip bin. Placing the bin in a well-lit area on your property (such as somewhere that will be illuminated by a street light) is a start, but it might not be sufficient to keep them away. You can combine lighting with some shock value. If you have one on your property, place the skip bin in the field of your motion sensor lighting. The surprise of the suddenly activated light should be enough to send curious possums on their merry way.

No Drop Ins

If it's not possible to have a well-lit skip bin, you can position it somewhere difficult for the possums to gain entry. Possums can climb, and yet they'll find it near impossible to scale the bin's exterior. Still, they might be able to drop into the bin from above. This is why you need to prevent this from happening. Position the bin in a place where there are no easy access points from above. This means the bin should be well away from any structures or trees, whether it's a fence or your actual home. If there's no way for the possum to conveniently drop straight onto the bin, chances are that they won't try.

Cover It Up

Maybe you don't have a place where the bin can be placed away from any access points. If there is an active possum colony in your area, have a word with the bin hire company. They will probably have a range of bins that actually have a hinged lid. The bin can be safely closed at night, and so while possums might be able to climb onto the bin and scamper to their heart's content, they will be unable to gain access to the actual bin.

Keeping possums out of your skip bin can be a little bit of extra work, and yet it can be a case of prevention being better than the cure. You really don't want to have to deal with a trapped and terrified possum.

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