Tips on Ensuring Proper Use of Communal Bins on Strata-Titled Properties

One of the responsibilities of owner corporations or strata managers is to ensure proper disposal of garbage on common property. If the rubbish is not properly dumped, it can be an eyesore, but also a human health hazard. Providing communal bins is a great way to keep common property clean and hygienic, thus providing a healthy living environment for the entire community. 

However, as it is the individual residents or occupiers of the strata property that will use the bins, it is important for strata managers to regularly have a discussion with the unit owners on how to ensure effective and efficient use of the bins. 

Here are some important points that should be included in the discussion.

The intended purpose of each type of bin.

Because different types of rubbish may be generated on common property, it is important to provide a separate bin for each type of rubbish. Generally speaking, strata managers will need to provide separate bins for general waste items, organic waste and recyclable waste materials. 

General waste refers to any type of waste that cannot be recycled and is therefore destined for the landfill. Organic waste is biodegradable waste that can be composted. Recyclable waste refers to waste that can be taken to a recycling plant for processing and reused as raw material for manufacturing new products. 

To ensure proper separation of waste at source and to prevent contamination of the waste, owners of strata-titled property should be constantly reminded on what types of rubbish to put into designated bins.

The consequences of failing to use the bins properly. 

To encourage residents of the strata property to use the communal bins properly, it is important to let them know the consequences of loading the wrong types of waste into the bins. Mixing of different types of rubbish together may lead to contamination of waste, and the rubbish removal people may refuse to collect such waste until the issue is addressed. 

Failure to pick up loaded bins on the agreed collection dates may lead to overfilling of the bins, which can look unsightly but also lead to health hazards. Strata managers should pass by-laws prohibiting unit owners from throwing the wrong types of waste into communal bins and inform them about the consequences of violating these laws. 

Keeping common properties clean for everyone's enjoyment is vital when it comes to strata living. By having regular discussions with unit owners on how to use communal bins properly, owner corporations can minimise the mess and inconvenience caused with improperly used bins. Keep these ideas in mind for your rubbish removal

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