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If you're undertaking a large-scale home renovation project, you'll need to think about how to dispose of your waste ethically and organise the removal of it efficiently. Fortunately, skip bins are an effective way of storing waste that ready for regular removal. This will save you having to hire your own heavy machinery, but it will also ensure that you can dispose of different types of waste properly without damaging the environment or landing a fine for fly-tipping. The Australian Government's Department for the Environment and Energy is leading the way for a greener Australia, and proper waste disposal is just one of many steps that can be taken to help drive this initiative. 

What To Get

Picking your skip bin is dependent on the size of your project and what type of waste you are disposing of. When it comes to most construction waste such as concrete and timber frames, a regular bin is fine—you'll just need to be sure not to mix things like garden waste in with it, as this makes it harder to recycle. If, however, you have anything that could be toxic, a specialist bin may be required. Speaking to the hire firm is the best way to get advice on what you'll need. As for size, most bins are measured in square metres, in square feet or, to make it easy, by how many full black bin bags they hold. Again, it's best to explain the size of your project to the hire company and they will be able to advise. 

Optional Extras

You can pay for additional extras such as lids or more frequent pickups. Again, this is dependent on your needs. If you find the bin is too small, even if it's the biggest you could afford to have (given your location), then more frequent collections will help deter overspilling. Likewise, a lid can prevent wind and rain from rotting the contents or causing it to blow out into the road, and it can even stop people from dumping their own waste into the skip. You don't want to find someone's sofa in there and then have to incur a fine because the skip wasn't locked up. 

Call the Neighbours

Finally, before hiring a skip, check with your local council to make sure that it's okay to store it in the road or on the pavement because if you don't check, this again could result in unwanted fees.

For more information, contact a company like Skippy Skips.

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